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AEPi Alumni Awards

Roger Clarke, Hinsdale

Roger Clarke has taught tennis in the greater Chicago area for over a decade and serves as a tennis professional with Hinsdale Racquet Club and LaGrange Country Club. Chicago resident Roger Clarke also stands out as an alumnus of Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi), a fraternity which helps members of the Jewish community develop as leaders.

AEPi offers many awards to exemplary members, including both current undergraduate members and alumni, on the individual and chapter levels. These awards recognize the ability of AEPi members to contribute to both the fraternity and the Jewish community as a whole.
Three awards are available to alumni. The Gitelson Silver Medallion recognizes those who have contributed to Jewish communal services and is offered in memory of Talmudic scholar Nehemiah Gitelson. Meanwhile, the Arthur and Simi Teich Award for Distinguished Alumni Achievement focuses on excellence within one's profession and the application of one's professional skills and knowledge to the advancement of AEPi causes and ideals.
The most prestigious AEPi award is the Order of the Lion, which is conferred to members who demonstrate long-term service to the fraternity well beyond the call of duty. Winners of the award are decided by a vote of the fraternity's Supreme Council.

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